parlez vous victoire?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

three six five

say that out loud a few times...

it rolls off the tongue quite nicely, but it doesn't sound very impressive does it?

now say three hundred and sixty five. less tongue rolly. very impressive.

especially when you consider that today is my three hundred and sixty fifth day milestone. a year of getting to know me as me. a year of change, growth, discovery, adventure, fun, baby steps (and some big ones too), candle-lit dinners all on my own (not barring that time i managed to give myself food poisoning!), lone moonlit walks at the nearby lake, neighbourhood mountain bike rides with only my own thoughts as company... i could go on boasting, but won't. some things are meant to be kept just for me.

three hundred and sixty five days of just me!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

spicy spam kabobs

what better than to indulge in some spicy spam kabobs (kabobs?!) when you've done collecting all that spam kindly deposited in your spam folder? yummmm.... spammmm...

Spicy Spam Kabobs - Serve with hot cooked rice

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Friday, March 09, 2007

you learn something new every day

i just found out, after 2 years of blogging on blogger, how to enable rss feeds for comments on this blog... it's embarassing. if you have pondered this pondering, as i have, you can find the blogger help file here.

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sociopaths conversing

in response to wired gecko's We don’t have children anymore, we are raising sociopaths, i find today's daily dilbert rather apt in a rather round-about way:

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

i am DeLaRey

on mybloglog... apparently.

it would seem that mybloglog has some security glitch. when i navigated from this site to the mybloglog site using the widget in the sidebar, it automatically recognised me as DeLaRey...

and as victoire too...

really strange. and funny. :). but mostly strange. it seems that i can't actually do anything malicious (not that i would want to, but i'm sure mr DeLaRey over there would like to know i can't), because mybloglog still sees me as victoire, even though it welcomes me as "DeLaRey"... have i confused you yet?

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vote chilibean!

chilibean is through as a finalist in the sa blog awards 2007, and we are sooo proud. we've been nominated for the:
  • Best SA Blog about Technology / Computers / Web Development
  • Best SA Business Blog

categories, which is just awesome...

of course we would like your votes, so head on over and click for chilibean!

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... a new toy ...

every once in a while my toes curl with delight as i gleefully run off to a corner to...

play with a new gadget.

today is such a day. although i have expected it, i almost didn't believe it would actually happen. i'm almost speachless with surprise. but i will utter one word...


*runs off giggling to play with her new toy...

(i'll be back with a review / to show off later...)

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

spam of the day

i'm thinking of making the spam of the day a regular installment on this blog... only because it's so... spammy... it could happen at any time at all... but it will probably occur whenever i empty out my spam folder on gmail. they do, after all, provide me with these wonderful spammy thoughts...

so watch out for that spam!

Spam Primavera - Toss with linguini, serve immediately

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Monday, March 05, 2007

5 things you didn't want to know about me...

i have been tagged for the first time ever in a blog meme! yay! carlz tagged me because she thinks i'm fab, and i'm responding because i think she's one kick-ass awesome chic! (and i'm hoping she takes no offence to the word "chic"... :) )

i will be baring my all today. yes, it has been decided that i will not only throw away my last semblance of dignity, but i will completely embarass myself in the 5 things you didn't want to know about me (slightly altered from the original meme, because i am really quite sure no one really does *want to* know this kind of stuff about me!)... ok so here goes...

1. one of my nostrils is larger than the other

a friend once pointed this out to me... that the one was flaring at him, and he was scared of it (and rightly he should be, it's a monster). i didn't believe him, until i saw this photo...

now stop staring at my nose!

2. my favourite book and tv series when i was growing up was anne of green gables.

i was infatuated with anne, that red auburn-headed smarty-pants orphan with the freckles, vibrant personality, infectious laugh, and sense for constant adventure! not only that, but i was in love with gilbert... with his southern (? not sure what accent it was really) drawl *swoon*

3. i have read jane austin's jane eyre more often than any other book.


it's one of my favourite love stories.

4. i can play the piano. i successfully completed the unisa piano exams up to grade 4 when i was 16. and i will be moving my childhood piano all the way to jhb just so that i can bug the heck out of my neighbours everytime i have the urge to endeavour to relearn everything i must have forgotten in over 10 years of not playing. can't wait...

5. i don't do karaoke. although i may have embarassed myself to some degree in this post, i will not put myself through the humiliation that they call karaoke. almost anything other than that.

perhaps something like...

dancing. if you've had the honour of going out to a club, or indeed any place that plays music, with me you will know that i cannot keep still when there's a beat around. my body must comply in joyous celebration of movement... very often through some move i just made up in that very moment... which in turn tends to be embarassing in its own right...

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

pick a cherry

the inimitable cherryflava media has done it again... introducing cherrypicka to the masses today!
as you well know i have a... thing... for design. and the site is well designed. not only that though, as far as i have clicked, it's proven to be a pleasure to browse. but that's not what impresses me about the site. i am impressed with:
  • the concept... awesome!
    • sell tickets
    • to potential life-long consumers
    • at a reduced rate
    • to test
    • commercial providers' products and services
    • and then the consumers blog about their experiences,
    • providing advertising,
    • and a source of real consumer's opinions
    • at the finger tips
    • of both (further) future consumers
    • and anyone else who wants to study consumer trends
    • it's ingenious
  • it's all about referrals - word of mouth marketing at its best
    • cherrypicka was released as a beta version on the streets before word was let out on the interweb... and it proved not only popular, but that it's not only about who you know... although i am sure that with its official release things are really going to *pick* up now...
i'll be keeping an eye on whether the site will:
  • focus on cape town specific deals, and whether the greater south africa will also be kept in the mix
  • implement an automatic "best before date" implementation... i went to look at the "in the kitchen" section and noticed that this item is only valid up till... yesterday
congratulations to the cherry's! i'm giddy with excitement at the prospects of exploring the site to find something delightful to try out soon...

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