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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

three six five

say that out loud a few times...

it rolls off the tongue quite nicely, but it doesn't sound very impressive does it?

now say three hundred and sixty five. less tongue rolly. very impressive.

especially when you consider that today is my three hundred and sixty fifth day milestone. a year of getting to know me as me. a year of change, growth, discovery, adventure, fun, baby steps (and some big ones too), candle-lit dinners all on my own (not barring that time i managed to give myself food poisoning!), lone moonlit walks at the nearby lake, neighbourhood mountain bike rides with only my own thoughts as company... i could go on boasting, but won't. some things are meant to be kept just for me.

three hundred and sixty five days of just me!

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Blogger Paul said...

Time well spent!

10:26 pm

Anonymous Martin said...

I agree!

9:07 am

Blogger Phlippy said...

ok, is that 365 days of being single? Because if yes, then I can relate to this quite well. It is often nice to just be 'you' for a while and come to terms with who you are.

**blushing when I fiurst read it I took a different view on what you meant... sigh

8:47 am

Blogger victoire said...

@paul & martin: thank you guys! :)

@phlippy: heh heh... yes, a whole year of singleness (i was rather cryptic)! it shouldn't be such a big thing, but for me it really is a milestone to commemorate - within the context of all the changes and life choices i've made in the past year. :)

10:58 am

Anonymous Aquila said...

Wishing you many happy days ahead

11:07 am

Blogger victoire said...

@aquila: thanks! all part of the adventure... :)

11:22 am

Blogger Rapid Roundup said...

We all need to know ourselves; it’s amazing how a lot of people don’t, nor will they ever take the time-out to find out. :)

Just carry on being you!

8:54 am

Blogger victoire said...

@rapid roundup: :) thank you! i'm discovering more and more of who i am and have become in the past year - a delightful surprise...

9:25 am


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