parlez vous victoire?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

spam breakfast

whilst i have no experience of it, it would seem that according to gmail's spam folder headlines, a spam breakfast is the schizz nizz...

Spam Breakfast Burritos - Bake 5-10 minutes, serve with salsa

i'd rather *not* get it all in the morning...

help, i've fallen off the interweb

i don't even know when it happened... there is no single defining moment of disconnect, but somewhere, sometime in the beginning of this year i slowly began falling falling falling... falling off the interweb.

and here i am now. my life is hectic. i can't remember the last time i had time. i am constantly doing stuff. and if i had more time there would be more stuff to do. that's not even including the fun stuff of reading blogs, writing posts, contributing to the online consciousness. for now it lies neglected.

at least i have managed to keep up with "real world" social politesse and am still attending the 27dinners on a bi-monthly basis, go for lunch with friends ever so often, and see my man as often as possible.

not so much when it comes to actually answering phone calls, emails, blog comments, and other socially acceptable forms of communication. i apologise now for being so lax if you are among those still waiting for a response from me...

i really hope to get back to some form of balance soon... busy is wonderful, but i would also like to spend some time on my other passions, interests, hobbies - not to mention having a moment to contemplate life, love, and everything else going on! ;)

ah well. at least i can tick "write a blog post (any blog post)" off the list. baby steps...