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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

... a new toy ...

every once in a while my toes curl with delight as i gleefully run off to a corner to...

play with a new gadget.

today is such a day. although i have expected it, i almost didn't believe it would actually happen. i'm almost speachless with surprise. but i will utter one word...


*runs off giggling to play with her new toy...

(i'll be back with a review / to show off later...)

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Anonymous Aquila said...

hehe welcome to the club. So what are your initial thoughts on this little gadget?

I may have mentioned that I found a couple of niggles, but nothing too bad to want to throw it away.

I think it's a really nice phone/pda/organiser.

10:53 am

Blogger victoire said...

:) thanks aquila! i dig it stacks!

yeah there are niggles... i hope to be posting a proper review soon... ah yes, i think i have an opening in 2009... ;)

11:41 am

Anonymous Simon Angling said...

Aquila tells me your TyTN doesn't wobble - I think you should send it back!

1:27 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@simon: ha ha! i quite like my non-wobbly tytn, thanks... whereas it would seem that you are of a different opinion on the wobbly one. mmmmh... i can see the marketing dept's write-up: "added feature! wobbles as you type!"

10:36 am


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