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Thursday, March 01, 2007

pick a cherry

the inimitable cherryflava media has done it again... introducing cherrypicka to the masses today!
as you well know i have a... thing... for design. and the site is well designed. not only that though, as far as i have clicked, it's proven to be a pleasure to browse. but that's not what impresses me about the site. i am impressed with:
  • the concept... awesome!
    • sell tickets
    • to potential life-long consumers
    • at a reduced rate
    • to test
    • commercial providers' products and services
    • and then the consumers blog about their experiences,
    • providing advertising,
    • and a source of real consumer's opinions
    • at the finger tips
    • of both (further) future consumers
    • and anyone else who wants to study consumer trends
    • it's ingenious
  • it's all about referrals - word of mouth marketing at its best
    • cherrypicka was released as a beta version on the streets before word was let out on the interweb... and it proved not only popular, but that it's not only about who you know... although i am sure that with its official release things are really going to *pick* up now...
i'll be keeping an eye on whether the site will:
  • focus on cape town specific deals, and whether the greater south africa will also be kept in the mix
  • implement an automatic "best before date" implementation... i went to look at the "in the kitchen" section and noticed that this item is only valid up till... yesterday
congratulations to the cherry's! i'm giddy with excitement at the prospects of exploring the site to find something delightful to try out soon...

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Blogger Wezzo said...

Cool concept, but I've looked all over the site for what users have reveiwed and can find squat!

10:12 am

Anonymous Cherrypicka said...

Hey Wezzo.

Reviews are readable on the product pages....check out:

...and scroll down.

But your point is taken - perhaps we'll have a listing of all the latest feedback for easier navigation. Thanks for the tip.

10:36 am

Blogger Wezzo said...

Cool thanks (Jon?). Yeah a listing would be cool - maybe even an entire dedicated section.

12:18 pm


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