parlez vous victoire?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A L M O S T . T H E R E

I have reached a milestone... 15 000 words... I have 15 000 words! Last week this time I had about 11 000... You may not think that's a lot (4000 in a week)... believe me it's significant. I've written 1000 words, wait a minute, 2000 (!) in the past day. Shows what a *little* pressure and lots less sleep can do. Oh don't forget the strong coffee, and the most vile muti you will find... "phaphama" it means wake up. Once you taste it you'll wish you hadn't... but it has done miracles for keeping me semi-alert instead of comatose the past few days!

ok back to the writing... not much time left... 20 hours to cut off.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

count down

2 days left...

13272 words... and counting

4 hours of sleep...

countless cups of coffee...

nearly there...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Down with Titles!

An awesome concept!

Since my job title is constantly changing, and I never really know what to call what I actually do (what do I actually do?), a description of the value I bring to the company or a general thought of what the company values from me the employee would be quite novel.

I think I'm going to share this with the marketing lady... may her favour grace this idea...

thanks to Martin from d2 for the link!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

why i love toothpaste for dinner

drew is funny. he is. i like his off-beat sense of things... check out his site at you could even subscribe to his mailing list, and get a fresh and wacky perspective on american life once a week...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the funniest thing happened the other day...

well... erm... let's start the story somewhere near the beginning...

I was browsing out of curiosity... just sort of "see if things have changed"... I know I know... I lambasted the poor site the last time... but well, there I was, when I came across a photo I recognised! Someone I had lost contact with from varisty! What a surprise! I'd been wondering what had happened to this guy for a while now, so it was a rather pleasant surprise at that. So I decide to register, I have to get his email addy somehow...

I register. Man what a mission. You have to fill in all this personal stuff. :) Plus you don't really have an option to specify you're looking for just friends, and therefore they can be girls too... BUT it is an e-dating site, so I guess it would get kinda weird.

Then when I am finally registered... you have to PAY to message someone. about R80 for one month... man, now I know how they make their money. I've come this far, I may as well just continue blundering headlong on the mission.

I finally got hold of my buddy, and we work really close to each other which is really cool!

Anyways so now I'm on an e-dating site. It's really not so bad... except for all the dirty old men contacting me! :) what part of 26 - 30 do they not understand??? heheheh... and I thought e-dating was just for freaks and weirdos... :P

Monday, November 14, 2005

check it out!

It's finally up! :) and I have no time to update it!

introducing the shiny new....!


Sunday, November 06, 2005

gaaa! is taking ages to update my dns... in actual fact i've been in the same place in the queue since i registered the change on the 23rd october! number 151... damn it! i really appreciate all they do... but now i can't use my site, and i'm losing all my emails... what can i do???? i've thought of registering a new domain name elsewhere, but that just defeats the purpose, and it's too much schlep!

in other news...

i went to a lovely birthday braai last night, haven't been "out" for a while, and thoroughly enjoyed it. met some interesting new people, whom i really wouldn't mind being friends with if it ever works out that way.

woke up with a mean hangover, even though i did not drink *that* much. i'm not used to drinking anymore. damn archers. damn "something for the ladies" headache!

i got stuck in menlyn shopping centre yesterday! there have been some hectic, but welcome, storms in gauteng this weekend! i was in pick 'n pay (of all places, why couldn't it have been somewhere cool like YDE?) when all the lights tripped in menlyn. of course people started rushing about, leaving trolleys of groceries so they could leave the shop. i even saw a trolley with 3 large tubs of ice cream, amongst other perishables, just left there... how inconsiderate... but anyway, i was not about to just drop my hard found booty, so had to wait till the generators kicked in... and then there were queues! urgh... when i finally got out menlyn was full of this oily hazy smoke from the restaurants. disgusting. and all the shops were closed and dark. really surreal. for a second i thought the building was burning down... and all these people were just milling around, or sitting in restaurants, lunch-less. and that's not all. the parking. took me 1 hour to get from my parking spot outside! what chaos.

i had my hair cut on friday eve. i was going to go for the usual cut & blow... and then on impulse asked my hairdresser to do something different. she did a similar style to her own. it's much shorter. very layered. at times i love it, others i just don't know. she also used straightening irons, so it looks great straight, but i have no idea what will happen tomorrow when i wash my hair and all the curls return! hold thumbs that it will look decent... even semi-decent. i'll post some pics some time.

that's not all i have in common with my hairdresser... relationships... we talk about relationships! how stereotyped can one get... :) it's fun though... weird but fun.

my paper is still crawling along... it's been difficult to focus this weekend. gar just get done... wish i had a magic wand... don't get me wrong i'm actually enjoying it, it's just that i'm lazy :) "let me go out... i got a blister in the sun"

i missed the violent femmes concert! :( so disappointed. my own fault for waiting around to see if i would have anyone to go with... when i did find someone, the standing tickets were sold out. *sigh* gar... these things only really come around once in a lifetime, and it would've been nice, the femmes were one of the first bands i started listening to when i was in school. but i'll stop bitchin' now!

i have hiccups. *hic* strange 'cause i usually only get them when i'm hungry, and i just had lunch. *hic*