parlez vous victoire?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

one small seed

talking about design... and because i feel like talking...

check out one small seed (also featured in my links bar)... it's an excellent south african design mag, accessible to anyone with an interest in contemporary design / culture. i certainly find it interesting, as you know my only link to design is the interest my sis' studies have instilled in me, along with a good dose of general consumer bombardment. it has a funky website. and it's well designed.

compact design

living in the north of jhb i'm always interested in compact living space concepts... plus i have this keen interest in design. i believe that is why this caught my eye. don't you think it's funky? depending on how comfy it actually is, and it's price tag, i can totally see myself using one of these bunk bed sofa's... like... shar! bring on the minimalism!

thanks to el-el-zed for the link.