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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Creating value

Here is a quote I've been meaning to post for a while now... it actually reminds me of a post of Martin's...

"Don't start a business if you can't explain what pain it solves,
for whom, and why your product will eliminate this pain, and how
the customer will pay to solve this pain. The other day I went to
a presentation of six high tech startups and not one of them had a
clear idea for what pain they were proposing to solve."

- From Joel's foreword to Bob Walsh's new book:
"Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality"

The foreword is online at:

Dumbest Moments in Business - 2005

I got this from BusinessPundit, it's an entertaining read. *shakes head* at the human race...

the late edition

ah yes, it has been a while! I will blame the lack of posting on my blog on busy-ness and lack of Internet at home, however there is an element of laziness involved too! ;)

what has been happening in my life...

1. I got the results from my research paper back! :) I am proud to say that I actually did pass, and with a distinction at that, with 78%! yeah! My paper was in the top ten best papers. If I ever doubted whether the stress and lack of social activities was worth it, I don't anymore. I really did put in my best, yes after a lot of procrastination, but with the sleepless nights, sweet temptations of socialising forgone, and everything else, I delivered my best effort.

2. I am moving to jhb! Yes, as of 1 March I am going to be an official Joburger! Ok, maybe I am speaking too soon, I haven't actually signed the rental lease yet, but even if this place doesn't go through, there are enough places out there for me not to worry about my new residential status. Hello traffic and joburg life.

3. Due to 2 above, I am now searching for furniture and appliances! Yikes on how much money everything costs...

4. Daan has been missed for 12 days while he's in Birmingham. And it shall continue for a few more.

5. Arb stuff...

5.1 I watched Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2 back to back the other night, which was great... it has good continuity. Although it is one of my favourite movies, I had only seen it once before, but listened to the soundtrack hundreds of times. Scary when you know the soundtrack better than the movie *grin*

5.2 I had a slight bumper bash this morning in peak traffic. Nothing bad, just banged into the car in front of me, didn't realise they had stopped. No damage, and we didn't swop details or anything. The metro cops stopped to find out if everything was ok, and I was glad that they had not queried my lack of use of hazards, which are not currently working. I had just got a quote on the replacement of the button (maybe that's why I was distracted!)... so many monies just for a little hazard button.

5.3 I bought a wireless headphone set from Makro last week, but decided to take it back because it used infra-red, and made a white noise sound unless the receiver was pressed against the transmitter. Urgh. I bought the cheaper, but much nicer, wired headphones and a wireless optical notebook mouse. I am rather pleased. The mouse is tiny and oh so cute.

5.4 (5.4.1) I have decided to forego the opportunity to buy a digital camera cheaper through Daan in the UK, for buying furniture instead. It hurts. It really hurts. I have been wanting to get a camera for so long. *sob* but (5.4.2) it is worth it. (repeat 100 times). it is worth it, isn't it?

5.5 besides the digital camera, I have been drooling and obsessing over getting an HP imate jam. I really want a pda cellphone. argh. will have to wait for that too. repeat (5.4.2) a few more times.

That's all folks! Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 02, 2006

mad explorations...

I am finally getting around to my own website slowly but surely... and am rather excited about it! :) I get to re-discover a very small part of the programmer in me... it's cool. Now to figure out what I want to do with it... mmm... any ideas?

Other than that I am discovering whole new worlds, feelings, experiences, sounds... with the most stunning person in the whole wide world... I really feel, no, know that I am honoured to get to know him.

I watched Tank Girl! For the first time! I have wanted to watch it since it came out a decade ago! And wow... it out-did any non-expectations I had ;) brilliant!

Robots is really cute! A fun movie, for lazy afternoon lazing...

Sunday, January 01, 2006


I had the pleasure of joining some friends visiting from Germany at Moyo in Melrose Arch on Friday (30/12/05). What an experience! Stunning decor, ambience, service, food, entertainment... wow... One of the coolest things they do is paint your face! Check out my flickr photos for a few pics I took with my phone camera. I will post more when I get them from my friends. This is definitely an experience to be had, but save up because you can expect tourist prices, worth every penny!

two zero zero six - 2006

happy new year to all... may you enjoy many exhilirating, breath-taking, and awe-inspiring adventures in 2006! This is going to be a superb year, yeah!