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Monday, October 22, 2007

travelling thoughts 1

There's not much running about to do far above the great karoo mountains... So i've decided to write a long overdue blog update.

As some may know, i set out on the great adventure of IT consulting 2 months ago, to the day. Although i've been consulting to only one company so far, I have enjoyed a little local travel to durbs (my 3rd day on the job) and cape town (just today,& in 2 days time). Consulting has given me a very different & refreshed outlook on work, corporates, life in general.

I find myself much more relaxed, at peace with myself, and I can only attribute it to being in a much happier, healthier environment. When I think of all the positives of the decisions I made I can't believe I stuck around in that unhappy mindspace I was in. I've learnt the truth in not putting my trust in the money a job gives or the unfounded feelings of loyalty I might have... I thank God for His gentle and persistent persuasion.

Whilst on the topic of travel, I find the people one travels with interesting. Although it can be said that I find all people interesting, those travelling tend to be just that touch more intriguing. Like the band members sitting in front of me, who checked in their extra long suitcases, huddling together as if either expecting to be shunned by general society or trying to give the "we're too cool" impression. Or the guy who accused me of stalking him (i couldn't figure out what he meant till I realised that he had bumped into me earlier) whilst in the check-in queue. He didn't seem to mind too much & proceeded to elicit conversation, even inviting me to join him in seating on the plane when he found out we were on the same flight. Naturally I declined, but did enjoy rather entertaining conversation whilst waiting to board. Turns out he's an ex-lawyer who writes non-fiction books now. The most recently published of which is on Thabo Mbeki and something about controversy... (available at CNA's).

Ah the flight is almost at an end, we've survived the thunderstorm en-route & each other in the confines of this small nationwide plane. I can't wait to run into the arms of my sweetheart, and share the details of this day's great adventure.


Anonymous Mongezi said...

Wrong place to reply, but I just dug this post.

Thanx for the mail you sent, I couldn't see your contact details on the blog. Are you still blogging, if so where, your writing awesome and I'd like to sample more of it.

I am still getting my regular dosage of chilibean from your feed.

5:15 pm


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