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Friday, February 29, 2008

returning to the basics

i have taken a bit of a blogging sabbatical over the past while, or that's what i think it has been... never know really. i keep on worrying that i have added to the blog graveyard, or that it may be perceived so. i still feel to be a blogger at heart. yes, at times i forget about or wish to forget about all things online, but most of the time i'd rather be in the middle of it or am wistfully longing to write a post about something or other. problem is that i often just cannot find the time for it. i used to think this was a pretty lame excuse in most cases, but have come to think otherwise. i have much more empathy now. anyway... it is ironic that although i think of myself as a "new media doyenne" of sorts i am alarmingly disconnected. i mean literally. disconnected. sure, i have a laptop, and an iburst modem, and my firefox browser with gmail as a permanently opened tab. but that's it. no more feedreader. no more browsing blogs, tools, wiki-wiki-wiki's,, social-media-whatevers... disconnected just like before the *big blogger boom* which occurred, in my life, just over a year ago when i joined mybloglog. although a little disconcerting at times, it is also a relief. i can start over. i am starting over. i have slowly started finding the time for blogging in between my hectic schedule (more info on this to follow) and well, the time i could use to sleep. i've started reading my favourite sites, those original blogs that got me excited about blogging, and how refreshing it has been. no frenetic scanning between a myriad of blah, i have been surprised at how much i've missed simple, clean, quality. i'm looking forward to re-discovering the simple pleasures...


Anonymous Martin said...

Quality likes company :-)

The trick is to not feel any pressure, and to just write when you actually have something to say - whether this is once a week, once a month, or once a year...

10:39 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@martin: :) i've always suspected that. i'm working on the not feeling the pressure thing, though.

10:52 pm


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