parlez vous victoire?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

blah blah blah

it's funny how things change so quickly... just over a year ago i got into social media as a hobby, formed chilibean the blog with paul jacobson, and in february this year launched chilibean the business. then things started getting busy, i found my time more and more absorbed by scheduled blog posts, podcasts, meetings, and my day time job. i moved from change management and training to customer account management to leaving my job entirely, and becoming a consultant. now i hardly blog anymore - not because i don't want to, but because i hardly find time to examine what's going on in my head, let alone publish it to the whole wide world. i spend most of my free time in pretoria, involved in various activities to do with church and the inner healing ministry. then there's mister super gusto, who came whizzing into my life in january and has stubbornly stuck by my side ever since. i miss him so much even though we have only been apart for 28hours. a year ago we were preparing for my little sussie's wedding, i was single without any clue of when i was going to meet the man of my dreams... now i can't wait to begin my own journey with that man. mountain biking, pottery... my hobbies have really suffered neglect of late, clashing with church activities most of the time. it feels as if my life has gone through the rinse cycle - whilst the changes have been wonderful, i would still like to find a balance within... find that place where i don't feel quite so harassed, rushed, up-side-down.