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Monday, March 05, 2007

5 things you didn't want to know about me...

i have been tagged for the first time ever in a blog meme! yay! carlz tagged me because she thinks i'm fab, and i'm responding because i think she's one kick-ass awesome chic! (and i'm hoping she takes no offence to the word "chic"... :) )

i will be baring my all today. yes, it has been decided that i will not only throw away my last semblance of dignity, but i will completely embarass myself in the 5 things you didn't want to know about me (slightly altered from the original meme, because i am really quite sure no one really does *want to* know this kind of stuff about me!)... ok so here goes...

1. one of my nostrils is larger than the other

a friend once pointed this out to me... that the one was flaring at him, and he was scared of it (and rightly he should be, it's a monster). i didn't believe him, until i saw this photo...

now stop staring at my nose!

2. my favourite book and tv series when i was growing up was anne of green gables.

i was infatuated with anne, that red auburn-headed smarty-pants orphan with the freckles, vibrant personality, infectious laugh, and sense for constant adventure! not only that, but i was in love with gilbert... with his southern (? not sure what accent it was really) drawl *swoon*

3. i have read jane austin's jane eyre more often than any other book.


it's one of my favourite love stories.

4. i can play the piano. i successfully completed the unisa piano exams up to grade 4 when i was 16. and i will be moving my childhood piano all the way to jhb just so that i can bug the heck out of my neighbours everytime i have the urge to endeavour to relearn everything i must have forgotten in over 10 years of not playing. can't wait...

5. i don't do karaoke. although i may have embarassed myself to some degree in this post, i will not put myself through the humiliation that they call karaoke. almost anything other than that.

perhaps something like...

dancing. if you've had the honour of going out to a club, or indeed any place that plays music, with me you will know that i cannot keep still when there's a beat around. my body must comply in joyous celebration of movement... very often through some move i just made up in that very moment... which in turn tends to be embarassing in its own right...

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Blogger Carlz said...

other anne of green gables fan! WOW - i thought i was alone

as for the dancing thing - yip - i have seen that myself! LOL and its fantastic!

3:29 pm

Anonymous Aquila said...

hehehe... ;-)

3:46 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@carlz: :O WOW... an anne of green gables fan? now there's something! never even thought i'd meet another! :)

@aquila: *blink* either you're reminiscing about anne of green gables or dancing...

4:46 pm

Blogger Ingrid said...

Gilbert had a Canadian accent. ;)

9:55 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@ingrid: lol! thanks for that! :) i had no idea, obviously. he was yummy all the same... i mean his accent... ;)

11:28 am


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