parlez vous victoire?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A L M O S T . T H E R E

I have reached a milestone... 15 000 words... I have 15 000 words! Last week this time I had about 11 000... You may not think that's a lot (4000 in a week)... believe me it's significant. I've written 1000 words, wait a minute, 2000 (!) in the past day. Shows what a *little* pressure and lots less sleep can do. Oh don't forget the strong coffee, and the most vile muti you will find... "phaphama" it means wake up. Once you taste it you'll wish you hadn't... but it has done miracles for keeping me semi-alert instead of comatose the past few days!

ok back to the writing... not much time left... 20 hours to cut off.


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