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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the funniest thing happened the other day...

well... erm... let's start the story somewhere near the beginning...

I was browsing out of curiosity... just sort of "see if things have changed"... I know I know... I lambasted the poor site the last time... but well, there I was, when I came across a photo I recognised! Someone I had lost contact with from varisty! What a surprise! I'd been wondering what had happened to this guy for a while now, so it was a rather pleasant surprise at that. So I decide to register, I have to get his email addy somehow...

I register. Man what a mission. You have to fill in all this personal stuff. :) Plus you don't really have an option to specify you're looking for just friends, and therefore they can be girls too... BUT it is an e-dating site, so I guess it would get kinda weird.

Then when I am finally registered... you have to PAY to message someone. about R80 for one month... man, now I know how they make their money. I've come this far, I may as well just continue blundering headlong on the mission.

I finally got hold of my buddy, and we work really close to each other which is really cool!

Anyways so now I'm on an e-dating site. It's really not so bad... except for all the dirty old men contacting me! :) what part of 26 - 30 do they not understand??? heheheh... and I thought e-dating was just for freaks and weirdos... :P


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