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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

friend or foe?

ok, i'm starting to feel freaked out...

i've received numerous missed calls from a "withheld" number on my cellphone in the past week. quite by coincidence i haven't been there to answer the calls. but still. there must be over 10 calls by now... and they never leave a message.

don't you think that's freaky?

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Blogger Phlippy said...

OK, that is just flippin odd. Could be an overseas call? I've had that once before... stalkers are bad m'kay.
Good luck with that

10:17 am

Blogger Carlz said...

yes stalkers are bad! freaky stuff - know all about it!

11:25 am

Blogger victoire said...

@phlippy & carlz:

totally! this is freakin' me out no end...

i have a feeling though that it's some dodgy telesales company that's bought my number in a database from somewhere, and is hoping i'll answer so that they can sell me whatever it is they're selling.

that's what i tell myself so that i can sleep at night ;)

4:45 pm

Blogger Phlippy said...

ROFL - probably Edgars trying to sell you airtime or something. OMG I'll never forget - this one guy posted a comment on this girls blog and left his cell number for her to call because he thought she was hot. Well a friend of mine got hold of him and had some fun. OMG the turmoil it caused... sorry - tangent

10:27 am

Anonymous Aquila said...

...or telkom wants to sell you ADSL (which I've been getting lately)

9:56 pm

Blogger victoire said...

turns out you were right... or i think so anyways. i managed to answer a withheld number (in the middle of pottery class)... and this guy tried to sell me airtime from edgars. so i reckon it's that. *sigh*

no not yet. please no.

5:47 pm


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