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Monday, January 22, 2007



i finally managed to restore drupal to it's original state! (i hope) i tried to update drupal, and it really just bombed out. you can see my frustration here.

finally, the answer to my problem lay in the error log, which pointed me to the include files. somehow these refused to copy over properly from the backup. eventually i managed to go through each one by one, and replaced those that were not of the same file size as the original in the backup.

ok, sanity prevails, and i am going to bed.

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Anonymous Paul said...

It is funny how a little thing here or there can throw the whole thing out altogether! Glad you managed to fix the issue. I am still optimistic about Drupal as a platform, even for blogs.

7:11 am

Blogger victoire said...

absolutely... man what an unexpected struggle...

yes, we will chat when i see you, i think it needs a bit of a reasoned argument. :)

10:17 am


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