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Sunday, January 21, 2007

south african skies

gauteng did you see the amazing sunset, and ensuing dusk today? i had the privilege of driving home from my weekend away as the sun was setting. just stunning, a perfect "malibu sunset" (if there is such a thing). bright red-ish orange half-round sun disappearing into the horizon against a perfect sky.

and the moon. the moon was as wafer thin as the sun was large. it seems that aquila managed to capture the moon and some of the dusk...

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Anonymous Aquila said...

my own PR evangelist...I feel honoured hehehe.

Thanks for the support - Almost had delusions of grandeur for a second hehe.

So you like the moon?

8:57 am

Anonymous Aquila said...

PS: your link to Aquila Online is broken ; vs : - just a thought hehe

8:59 am

Blogger victoire said...

heh heh... :) i was actually surprised when i saw the photo, considering i was formulating a blog post all the while i was admiring the skies.

beautiful photo you got. of course i couldn't see the whole of the moon, just the sliver. that's an amazing camera you have there. we will have to chat, i'm looking at the sony h5.

P.S. sorry about that, that's what you get for trying to type in a url instead of just ctrl-c ctrl-v :)

10:22 am

Blogger victoire said...

oh, i have fixed the broken url. just so you know.

10:22 am

Anonymous Martin said...

Did you guys get any glimpse of the comet up there in the North?

We had AWESOME views of it just above Cape Point on Saturday night (check out this image from Hout Bay), and above the ocean from Camps Bay last night.

So, so cool!

10:32 am

Blogger victoire said...

*puts on aquila online PR hat*

aquila got an awesome shot of it, check out his photos on flickr.

my PR work is done for the day ;)
*takes off hat*

10:46 am

Blogger Phlippy said...

So few people actually take the time out to appreciate the finer things like that. Nice to see someone else does it

10:59 am

Blogger victoire said...

hey phlippy... yeah, i believe it is so important for your spirit, that you need to take a break from the rush and the buildings and the machines and just look beyond your nose. even if it is while you're driving or walking somewhere.

i was always surprised on discussing how a mtb race went afterwards how few people noticed their surroundings... i'd go on about the little flowers or the trees or the views, etc... but most people were just focused on getting to the end fast.

11:08 am

Anonymous Aquila said...

hehe Victoire, if this keeps on going I'll have to start paying you.

Oi martin - shame on you - you should have read the post - subscribe to the feed now, that's an order. :)

Phlippy - indeed, indeed. That's why I sit outside for hours, just to soak up the environment and to try and capture that one moment in time.

12:48 pm


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