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Monday, January 22, 2007

happiness at work

i've been corresponding with the author of my favourite blog, alexander kjerulf, recently. his blog is my favourite not only because it deals with one of my passions - happiness at work (everyone should be happy at work, really!) - but because his topics are so relevant... so apt. and it's down-to-earth too...

anyways, he asked me a few interesting questions about working in south africa, which really had me scratching my head - probably because i don't have much experience in the corporate world. so i thought i'd pose his questions to you, and see what you have to say. what are your experiences? how do you perceive things to be in south africa?

here's what he said:
I would like to know more about what work is like in South Africa.
What I'm wondering about is the general mood at work. Are people
generally happy at work in South Africa? Are bosses nice and caring or
tough and authoritarian?

Do people quit if they don't like their jobs, or do they accept jobs
that suck because "that's just what work is supposed to be like"?

If course it can be difficult to generalize, but I'd like to hear your take.

my general opinion is that there is a vast majority of people unhappy at work... people who just accept work for work's sake. this is illuminated by the service levels we experience in our beautiful country... we have so much to give, and yet it often (too often) falls flat.

so what do you think south africa? how do you feel about your job?

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Blogger carlyritz said...

I've only been in my job for about 2 months so I'm prob not the best person to respond. But I love my job though - the people are so friendly and welcoming. It can be super daunting to start a new job so I think I have been really lucky that the peeps here have been so great. The pace of the industry is also fast and happening (it is the media)

Hopefully I'll feel the same in 2 years :)

12:04 pm

Anonymous Martin said...

Naturally you know what my answer's going to be... :-)

It'd be interesting to see how people feel about things from a "our country" perspective though.

5:53 pm

Blogger victoire said...

it's so awesome to hear about someone who enjoys their job... i really hope that you feel even more enthusiastic about it in 2 years!

:) i'm not a mind-reader martin... do tell.

yes, i'd love to hear what people say about it from a south african perspective... i posted the same question on a mailing list i subscribe to, and got some really interesting answers. will see if i can't summarise it all soon.

7:13 pm


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