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Monday, January 15, 2007

tagged - your life as a movie soundtrack

aquila posted an interesting and agreeably distracting mission, and tagged any takers.

the premise is this, to come up with your life's soundtrack all you have to do is put your music library on random... my problem is that i have imported music from all over the place, some of which i have never listened to before. i mean, where'd the grease soundtrack come from?! i did however listen to each song in the context of its scene, and it makes more sense than i expected! judging from my soundtrack my life would make a pretty wacky, sometimes ironic, art movie. somewhat like me.

if you do try it please remember to add a trackback, i'd love to see what your soundtrack is...

So, here’s how it works:

1. Open your music library

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that’s playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool - I know you have Celine Dion in there somewhere…

01. Opening Credits: Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee – Grease OST

02. Waking Up: With or Without You – U2

03. First Day at School: Silent All These Years – Tori Amos

04. Falling in Love: a true story of a story of true love – the books

05. Fight Song: the nurse – the white stripes

06. Breaking Up: King of glory – WOW Worship

07. Prom/Matric Farewell: Passage de recherché - scanner

08. Life’s Okay: All along the watchtower – Dave Matthews Band

09. Mental Breakdown: Track 07 – Maxwell Embrya

10. Driving: Mall Radio – Max Normal

11. Flashback: Live Forever – Michael W Smith

12. Getting Back Together: Be here to love me – Norah Jones

13. Wedding: heartstrung - chill

14. Birth of a Child: Praise Medley (Psalm 150) – CeCe Winans

15. Death Scene: Inmigrant - Sade

16. Funeral Song: Fools gold – lock, stock & two smoking barrels soundtrack

17. End Credits: I bow down – Travis Cottrell

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Anonymous Aquila said...

Nice, I like the flashback song...

9:00 am

Blogger victoire said...

i love michael w smith's music. his album "stand" is really funky too... and yet again i learn not to judge a book by it's cover ;) have you seen his movie, "the second chance"?

10:57 am

Anonymous Anna said...

wow...this is awesome and i think really fun to do... I just can't wait to try it...

6:24 pm

Blogger victoire said...

:) it is quit fun anna... also rather telling. cool, post back to let me know how it turns out.

10:35 am

Anonymous Anna said...

hey victoire.. i just finished my life's soundtrack.. i enjoyed a lot...i'm thinking something a lot more exciting… why don’t we try tracking the soundtrack of the the most important people in our lives… through our playlist...may be a family member, a friend or from a past relationship... dare to try? :D

6:46 am

Anonymous Aquila said...

ooh have I been judged? (clenching heart)

Damn, what did that book cover look like?

9:44 pm

Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Yo Victoire...

Thanks for the soundtrack tag. I really dug doing mine. I went a step further than you though... I did the whole autobiography thang.

Blue skies

2:05 pm

Blogger victoire said...

i don't know anna... sounds kinda daring... let me know how it works out for you.

or for a lovely twist on it, how about trying to figure out what the song means in your life story, as roy did?

ha ha ha!

thanks for the comment & trackback roy! good to see you here again, i've been meaning to catch up with the coffee-shop schmuck.

nice take on the theme. i like. will perhaps have a look at it myself. i was also thinking it would be so lekker to actually have the songs available, so that people could listen to your soundtrack themselves... piracy issues. *sigh* ;)

9:47 pm

Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Heya Victoire...

Thanks! And I'm always round here. I subscribe to your rss feed, read it on Bloglines, and whenever I feel the need to comment, I zap off to your blogsite.

Re including the music.

It's REALLY easy in some cases. It's just (for a male person) a ballache. (I don't know what the equivalent is for female persons.)

It's really a matter of including links to wherever the songs live. Many sites now have previews of songs that you can link to.

I was THINKING of doing it, but it would have taken me around an hour or two of surfing just to find the links. So I scrapped the idea.

I've just been reading Seth Godin's post about Web 4. And here's an idea that fits into that...

Web 4 would see that I've got 'Billy Bragg -- Greetings to the New Brunette' in my blog post. And it would FIND the link FOR ME, without me having to do a single thing. It would offer me the choice of linking to it or not.

Blue skies

PS: If you're busy catching up on my schmuckness, you'll find that I've become obsessed with My button shop's at

1:56 pm

Anonymous Anna said...

ei, victoire.. have you seen my life's soundtrack? :D ... Roy got great idea of sharing the meaning of the songs in his life. nice idea... i might do something like that sometime soon... it's so nice to share something really important to people who also have the same passion. we'll keep in touch... or you might want to drop by at the newest music guide in the net, for something new... thanks again :)

3:23 pm

Blogger victoire said...

:) cool... nice to get to know the readers of my arb mutterings...

ummm... yes... it's too much of a *headache* for me to go to all that trouble. actually though, i just remembered that vox allows one to upload sound files. think i'll do that when i have faster internet. and time.

ooooooh... web 4... :) (*hears the voices of the little aliens in "toy story")

yes, i heard you had become obsessed with buttons from jo'blog.

heh heh... yeah, i did... rather apt, most of it at least, for something that's so random. cool will do. :)

11:36 pm


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