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Monday, January 15, 2007

celebrities... now cloned!

this is just crazy... i can't believe how natasha sazonova so accurately identified the similarities between these celebrities! she basically takes photos of various celebrities, puts them next to each other and describes why she thinks they could be twins...

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly noticing strangers who look like my friends, objects that remind me of some other objects and celebrities who look like twins of other celebrities... I'm beginning to suspect that Hollywood is cloning celebrities just to have a spare in case if something happens to one.

although there are many that are uncannily spot on, some of my favourites are:

bernadette peters & madonna

dana ivey & susan sarandon

helen hunt & leelee sobieski

helena christensen & cameron diaz (wow... i can hardly tell the difference!)

jason lee & joseph fiennes (double yum - jason lee is one of my favourite actors for his role in american cuisine)

marsha thomason & eva longoria

eric mcCormack & tommy lee jones & adrian paul ( i think i could like the neanderthal look)

meryll streep & natascha mcElhone

michael douglas & bill pullman

natalie maines & charlize theron (yay it's our benoni girl!)

peter greene & ralph fiennes

rupert everett & matthew perry (rupert is a favourite in the "chick flicks", he plays those romantic comedy roles so well!)

scarlett johansson & naomi watts (i find naomi so stunning)

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Anonymous johan swarts said...

ek wonder of iemand so iets met vorige suid-afrikaanse kabinette kan doen. imagine being a nelson mandela look-alike...

1:04 am

Blogger victoire said...

interesting concept... my mind just boggles at the possibilities. or it might be lack of sleep. ;) i'm still trying to figure out whether the pro's would out-weigh the cons...

2:19 am


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