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Sunday, January 21, 2007


drupal. 6 letters, and so much pain.

i upgraded the drupal installation on, as fantastico requested, a few minutes ago. and now. well now it's messed up, that's what. now i have to go and fix this mess.


ok, what now? i followed the instructions given to restore in case of emergency, and now nothing displays on bah. another late night. the instructions below:

- delete all the files listed in /home/***/public_html/fantastico_fileslist.txt
- delete /home/***/public_html/fantastico_fileslist.txt
- Untar /home/***/fantastico_backups/.backup.*****.tgz
- Empty the database ***_drpl*
- Import the file /home/***/fantastico_backups//backup.sql into the database ***_drpl*
- Move /home/***/fantastico_backups/ to /home/***/public_html
I'm just a little unsure about that last point, because the backups folder only has backup files in it, but i did copy the files that were backed up from the .tgz file into the public_html folder.

any ideas? re-install drupal and forget about the changes i made?


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Anonymous gledwood said...

Hello... I found yours via "next blog"... not sure I totally understand it, but hey... come and have a poke round mine if you like I just moved to blogspot/blogger whatever they call themselves... go to, take care, Gleds

9:16 pm

Blogger victoire said...

hello gleds. the "next blog" thing is totally random, but i'm glad you found victoire... pity you can't help me with that little drupal issue though. oh well.

9:51 pm


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