parlez vous victoire?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

who are you?

where do you come from? where do you go?

so i have been peering in at google analytics every now and again in the hopes of getting some insight into the people that read my blog... i think i have more questions than ever's a sample report screenshot starting on the day before i started using analytics, of the past 2 weeks' visits...

i now know a whole lot more about the type of "victoire" visitor (mostly direct)... but there are questions... like, how does manage to refer so many hits to my site when they make no reference whatsoever on their site to me ...i had a theory that perhaps people were using the "next blog" button on blogger ... and of course i had to go out and prove my theory... i clicked on the "next blog" button 10 times from nux's site... nothing... not once did i come across smokingtt... maybe if i had persisted... but what are the chances? and why do i not get hits from other blogger sites?questions questions questions...oh... and welcome to all my visitors far and wide (number of visits in brackets):

Johannesburg (21)
Parow (9)
Bellville (8)
Waterloo (5)
Sandton (2)
Preston (2)
Mountain View (1)
Houghton Estate (1)
Lewiston (1)
Bangalore (1)
Cape Town (1)
Calcutta (1)
Midrand (1)
Mexico (1)
Milton Keynes (1)
Nedlands (1)
Durbanville Hills (1)
Gdansk (1)
Waverly (1)
Mombasa (1)
Canton (1)

... to be exact ;)


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