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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Analytics This!

news just in...

yay! after applying for google analytics late last year, i've finally been sent an invitation! it was sitting in my gmail inbox when i got in this morning. nice little present for the week. so now I wait and see what information it brings about my visitors... :) not that i'm keen on spying on y'all but it would be interesting to have an indication of how many visitors i get, and what not...

the analytics of this morning lead me to thinking about google's adsense too... so you might notice the google ads at the top of the page. i've never been big on ads in personal blogs... so this is a trial thing, let me know if it annoys you immensely.

:) have a nice day!


Anonymous Paul said...

Hey Victoire

I have been using Google Analytics and it has been quite a goood experience although I am still trying to reconcile the stats with my webserver's own stats.

Very handy tool to have!

9:33 pm


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