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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


it's all in your mindset...

this thought has been with me for a few weeks now. i don't know how to describe it really, i know that the deeper meaning behind this phrase is enormous... it's bigger than me, it's bigger than my life, it encompasses everything i do... and is visible in the smallest examples too. how to express it though? i think it has to do with the way i look at things and occurances in my life. if i look at things slightly differently they may become less complicated... or ... argh! i don't know how to put it, and now it's just sounding silly. perhaps i will revisit this point later. think about it.


Anonymous Paul said...

Maybe it is the same paradigm shift as flipping a light switch in a dark room. With one simple act your whole take on things changes completely.

11:35 pm

Blogger victoire said...

yes! i think that's it... sometimes it's a conscious choice to look at things differently, other times subconscious... it's the same room, just seen from a different viewpoint.

4:31 pm


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