parlez vous victoire?

Friday, May 05, 2006

the cherry on the top

no that wouldn't be me... that would be referring to some excellent news i received the other day with regards to my honours research paper...

i received the prize for the best honours project in the information systems department.

the best.

i wrote the *best* research paper.


the pain of that paper is quite distant, almost numbed now... so i don't think that this prize can be fully appreciated... but even so, i am rather amazed. i wrote the bulk of that paper in one of the most difficult weeks (both physically from not sleeping and emotionally - when it rains it pours) of my life.

i am just so grateful that it is all over... and i have this to add a bit of a sparkle to the end of it all... a light at the end of the tunnel... a rainbow after the rain.


Anonymous Paul said...

Congrats V! Love how that happens sometimes. You think you tanked it because the rest of your life is so upside down and you wind up acing it after all.

10:45 pm


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