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Thursday, May 18, 2006

the arbness of being

for those in jhb... how odd is the rain we got last night? Completely out of the blue... but it left the veld on the way to work bursting with greenery this morning, lovely! I've been marveling at the wonderful autumn colours of the trees, grasses whilst driving around.

i have been in a bit of a mood lately, mostly due to the incomprehensively boring work i am doing! it's astounding... "what does it accomplish?!" I have been wont to shout out loud on numerous occasions... and today i found out, not much at all. changes have been made, yet again, which basically render my efforts over the past... 6 months? a year? futile... *yet again*. Ok not COMPLETELY futile... but basically futile. I am ready to just wring somebody's neck (maybe my own) and give up on this project. But there's the conundrum... I'm not a quitter... and there's still something in me that says that I can make a difference... I can do this. I hope.

Coming to my rescue is some change management work I have been asked to do on the same project, hopefully this will be a bit of a change (heh heh), and will leave me in better spirits.

pottery is my sugar... or my tonic... my cuppa earl grey tea. I realised this yesterday, when i forced myself to attend my pottery class, despite being in yet another one of my rather foul moods. I was happy I did. it is so... stress-relieving-peaceful. it makes me happy.


Anonymous Paul said...

I take it a comment like "life is a journey and not the destination" doesn't help much?

4:44 pm

Blogger victoire said...

it's good to remind oneself of this every now and again... I am learning so many valuable lessons... even if it is not to blindly accept what people tell you to do, and that if I start feeling "unhappy" about what I am doing to do something about it immediately, not to accept mediocrity, because once you become used to it, you struggle to escape it!

5:05 pm


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