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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

oh so organised... almost

ah well, the long weekend has flown by for most, except for me, only because I was slaving away with sponge paintbrush in hand and cherry coloured paint on fingers and under fingernails. But I finished my furniture. finally. I have even unpacked most of my boxes into it already, and the couch is in its place. Everything is looking so homey, it's scary... how did we get so organised? :) ah, yes, we're the a-sisters... we go to oppikoppi with inflatable mattress and stir fry ingredients in tow... oh and get a cape town chef to cook it up for us too! :D ha ha! what some guys won't do at (their mistaken assumption of) sharing a tent with sisters... anyways...

I did a little pottering around the garden yesterday! Actually potted our herbs. Bought a lovely pot from Builder's Warehouse down the road, filled it with potting soil, and got my nails all dirty again... it was lovely. The fresh smell of the soil, the feeling of accomplishment when you step back to look at your handywork... priceless. It'll be nice to have my own garden one day, but for now I will relish in outdoor pots...


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