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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

funky features

do you think it's dodgy to have 2 blogs?[1] or more than one blog? my very first blog started off at but then i found blogger... and it just seemed easier to post here. everything was already set up, i could just start blogging. but i couldn't let go of my original blog and personal domain name, and it's still there, waiting patiently for me to find the time, and an internet connection from home, to make it all i dreamed it to be.

getting back to the point... i logged into wordpress yesterday, and discovered a funky, if basic, feature... they've added an add-on that enables one to blog about a page one is browsing. It's basically a bookmark that inserts the url you are browsing into a new post in a pop-up window. i dig it. this feature may very well lead me to post on more regularly. i've already used it to bookmark drafts for blogging later on...

[1] a friend maintains that having more than one blog is rather nefarious, and smacks of backhanded-ness. can the person who has more than one blog be trusted? what are they trying to hide?


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