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Friday, May 26, 2006

soccer fever

so the soccer fever has caught up, even to me... the soccer world cup 2006 starts on Friday 9 June, and is held in Germany... and now I have a reason to keep an eye on the German world cup... our office held a world cup draw, and I got Ecuador! Go Ecuador!

So if you know nothing about Ecuador, here's some info gleaned from wikipedia:

República del Ecuador
Republic of Ecuador
Flag of Ecuador Coat of arms of Ecuador
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Spanish: "Dios, patria y libertad"
(English: "God, homeland and liberty")
Anthem: Salve, Oh Patria
Location of Ecuador
Capital Quito
00°9′S 78°21′W
Largest city Guayaquil
Official language(s) Spanish1
Government Republic
Alfredo Palacio
Alejandro Serrano
From Spain
24 May 1822
- Total

- Water (%)

199,235 km² (71st)
76,905 sq mi
- July 2005 est.
- Density

13,363,593 (62nd)
47/km² (124th)
122/sq mi
- Total
- Per capita
2005 estimate
$67 billion (73rd)
$4,083 (114th)
HDI (2003) 0.759 (82nd) – medium
Currency U.S. dollar2 (USD)
Time zone
- Summer (DST)
(UTC-5; UTC -6 (Galápagos Islands)
Internet TLD .ec
Calling code +593
1 Quichua and other Amerindian languages spoken by indigenous communities.
2 Sucre until 2000.


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