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Monday, April 10, 2006

... and the beat goes on

I am sure I don't need to remind you that it's April. I find myself reminding me about this fact almost daily. What happened to the first quarter of 2006? I ask you. Even so... even though I have no clue where all those months went, when I sit back and think about it, so much has happened in my life this year... I mean real life changing things. Things that I have been wanting to do for a very long time, and are finally falling into place. And other things I wonder whether were necessary at all, but no regrets, eh?

of course the biggest of these is moving out of the nest at the end of February. There's a life changer right there. Although still learning to deal with all this new-ness, I am really enjoying it. amazing what having a place of my own (albeit shared with the sista-sista) has done for me. I feel alive everytime I think of my place.

then there's starting pottery classes. i don't think of myself as particularly creative, but i enjoy the freedom to express my creativity... just working with the clay, squishing between my fingers and getting under my nails is theraputic. i think it's the freedom, not caring about the outcome, just enjoying the now of pinching a ball of clay into an object, which may be functional one day or ... or experimenting with patterns, ideas... anything goes.

another avenue of creative expression is my diy stints around the new place... most recent of which is staining some pine bedroom furniture i bought from mistry's (in randburg, down hans strijdom). they have really not bad looking stuff at really decent prices. the furniture's not exactly perfectly designed, but when considering what i'm spending on it it doesn't really make that much of a big difference. anyways i have finished the 1.8m long book rack, and will be starting on the 1.7m draw set i'm using as a base to the book rack this long weekend. *phew* it's pretty hard work, but when it's all over i'll really appreciate it.

i'm quite happy to announce that i finally received a replacement notebook for the one that was stolen in the beginning of feb. so i am typing this up behind a beautiful ibm thinkpad with stunning 15" monitor, built in wi-fi, bluetooth, and a fingerprint reader! ha ha! to log in all i need to do is swipe my finger over the reader, which is just next to the mouse pad. :) really cool, and impressive (albeit to show off every now and again) piece of techie gadgetry. you have no idea how much i missed having a notebook. weird that i should celebrate being able to take work home! :) guess i am just strange that way.

oooooh.... more home news... our couch we ordered from coricraft 5 weeks ago, and were told would take 6 weeks, is being delivered tomorrow! hurrah! things are coming together so nicely. it will go so well with our new home entertainment theatre :) heheheh... I think that we have just about finished all the spending we need to for a long time.

now all we need is to have a good house warming, and we're set.


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