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Monday, January 29, 2007

shaun of the dead

call me crazy, but i could've sworn i saw shaun last night. yeah yeah, i can hear you... but you don't understand. i mean shaun from back in the day when i was young and innocent and just starting out at varsity. yeah, that's right, i knew shaun before he became a "rock star hacker". what a trip down memory lane. guess now would be the time to delve back into the embarassing bits of back then... so:

- shaun was a gangly geeky cute shaggy haired dude, and i'm not afraid to say he has certainly improved with age ;) as have i, because:
- i used to have much shorter spiky gelled hair and wore glasses back then! ugh. something i'd like to forget. and no, you may NOT see ANY photos...

ha ha... ummm. ok, i've embarassed myself (and shaun possibly too) enough for today.

dude, i thought you had dropped off the side of the planet... welcome back!

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Blogger Shaun said...

Hmmmm, and so my true geeky, nerdy nature exposes itself in a most surprising manner - eish! Indeed I doubt anyone will ever believe these words!

Never you mind Victoire, I will exact my revenge by hunting down old photographs of you from all our common friends and publish them for all the Internets to see!!! Mwahahaha!

Great to see ya! Looking forward to next time.

7:06 pm

Blogger victoire said...

ha ha ha ha! yes, completely unconvincing...

and what sweet revenge it would be shaun. there are people out there who would pay good money to see such a photo... BUT then we would have a photo war on our hands, i know who to contact wrt photos of you... ;)

*shiver* let's not go there...

Awesome, me too...

7:42 pm

Blogger Ashley said...

Now I think this could be fun ... you see ... I have photo's from back when, Vix you trusting little soul ... you seem to forget all the photo's you have sent to me in the past ... *efg*

12:45 pm

Blogger victoire said...

*wide eyes*

oops... i forgot about that. and so history bites me back.

hey you should send them to me again (privately of course)... i don't think i have that many around anymore with all the computers swapped & stolen in my IT life...

4:10 pm


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