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Monday, January 29, 2007

mission drupal 5

i am a geek on a mission[1]. mission drupal 5 to be exact.

the tactic:
  • read INSTALL.txt word for word.
  • try to understand it.
  • you will do well young one.

the frontline operation:
  • download, extract, and copy the resultant drupal 5 folder into a directory within your root directory. check - using ftp program.
  • create the drupal database. umm. where? how? oh... i finally found it on cpanel's MySQL account maintenance, no need to delve into phpMyAdmin.
  • create the drupal user. check - easy once you know where to look, similar to creating the db.
  • link the user to the db. check! now the db configuration looks like the configurations for the other db's i already have installed.
  • run the install script. install script? i must run it? but when i point to the folder it doesn't do anything. it gives me an access denied. *help* go back to the beginning...
    • "move the contents of the directory". hmm. maybe i shouldn't have moved the whole directory, but only it's contents.
    • ha! it works! but now to give access to the settings.php file. also helps if you take note of the location of the settings file ;)
    • voila! see how it runs!
    • remember to restore the access permissions on the settings.php file
  • configure drupal. *tears fill my eyes*... it worked! i can see the config screen.

the outcome:
  • i win!
  • drupal 5's so pretty!

[1]actually, the use of the word geek when referring to me is very liberal. considering i haven't done much *real* programming in yonks... i am an enthusiast...

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Blogger Carlz said...

I am so impressed! what a woman!

1:48 pm

Blogger victoire said...

*beam* i am quite chuffed myself!

4:28 pm

Blogger Jimmy455 said...

Victoire, is that you?

Perhaps a recap of recent events. I have just acquired a stalker. I'm actually pretty stoked about that because stalkers are totally awesome, especially if they're pretty. So, using the wonders of the Internet and Google, she tracked me down, like a bloodhound. Again, totally awesome. Anyway, the point of that was that I realised that I can also stalk people. But not stalk really, more extend a bridge of friendship. Okay, stalk.

I Googled some folks I've not seen in a while. Now I’m here. So, Hi.

8:19 am

Anonymous Martin said...

And she scores again :-)

Carlz, you're right, she never disappoints!

8:30 am

Blogger victoire said...

yep, it's me...

ummm... sorry you're going to have to back it up a bit and tell me who *you* are.

so does that mean you're stalking me now? (only carlz has permission so far...)

i am noticing a very disturbing stalking slant around here...

scores a stalker? hmmm...


6:10 pm

Blogger Jimmy455 said...

Oh right, my username is cryptic.

James. Yes? With the Shaggy/Stu/Charlie gang. From the old days of sitting on the grass.

And for the record, I don’t think you looked to bad with spiky gelled hair and glasses…

7:30 pm

Blogger victoire said...


:) my... history is resurfacing in a big way... *mouth hangs open* we should chat... mail me if you like: v i c t o i r e dot z a AT g m a i l dot c o m

why thank you, i think we'll leave it at you complimenting me, and the photos remaining forever unseen... :D

9:43 am


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