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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

passing moments

this post is dedicated to marius r...

life passes by so quickly. one moment you're living your life, thinking that there's always tomorrow... the next your life is taken away from you. and there are no more tomorrows to postpone to, look forward to, dream for.

m was always full of ideas... always busy... always kind. we were becoming friends... better acquainted... after knowing each other for 3 years (maybe more). he was always so keen to share the latest technologies discovered. we spent hours chatting about knowledge management. and he introduced me to rss feeds and feedreader. one could say that our early conversations set off my interest in the new media space.

my condolences go out to marius' family. what happened to your son was tragic. i have mourned, knowing him as a colleague and friend, you mourn for your only child and son.

33. so young.

farewell dear colleague ~ dear friend.


Anonymous Martin said...

It's really sad to think of what the world loses every time someone leaves it...

Especially someone contributing so much, even though one could argue that everyone contributes somehow.


2:13 pm

Blogger victoire said...

thanks martin.

yes, it's incredibly sad and it has really affected everyone who knew him. i think each person has felt his loss in some way. the office has only really started buzzing again late this week!


7:39 am


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