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Thursday, August 31, 2006


this is where my "personal productivity" / business productivity / stuff to do with business in general / whatever-else-you-want-to-call-it interests surface... i'm a big sucker for such sites as 43 folders, the chief happiness officer, and business pundit. i like the idea of happy people at work. i like the idea of happy people using technology - happily. i like the idea of all-round happiness of work things working. i think i'm getting that idea across...

i have recently picked up extra responsibility at work, and have a dire need for organising things. organising time, tasks, people, information, myself, you name it it has to be organised, and organised now! the problem is that i have no set methodology / procedure for this. all along i've managed fine with my spreadsheets and outlook (i am forced to work with ms windows and office suite because of the kind of work i do, having to constantly sync documents with other people, and my belief that ms does indeed provide the best office suite i have yet come across. but perhaps this should be kept to a later conversation).

but now, i just feel like i need something more. i need one place where i can go and see what i need to do, make my lists (as simply and with as little effort as possible), and get things done. with this in mind, i approached one of my bosses, who mentioned a tool that worked for him, as long as he stuck to it, a gtd or get things done tool. so i went to look for it. and discovered it is actually a whole methodology.

before i go ahead, and go to all the effort of learning the methodology... does anyone have any suggestions? anything to add? any tips, tricks, tools (free preferrably) to recommend?

perhaps i should list some of the things i need to do?
  • schedule meetings
  • schedule training sessions
  • a whole lot of stuff to do with preparing for the training sessions
  • draw "pretty pictures", otherwise known as process diagrams and stuff that goes into the training material
  • present training
  • keep an eye on (and track of) other people's progress on their phases which i'm reliant on
  • meetings meetings meetings
  • confirm meetings, confirm training, confirm confirmations
  • gaaaaa! toooooo muuuucccchhhh ssssttttuuuffff!
you get the picture.


Anonymous Martin said...

I know I've said this before, but all this stuff can be done very effectively with Outlook (2007), OneNote (2007), and two monitors.

Check out Omar's blog (tag productivity) for someone with experience on the topic.

I wish I could show you how I do it, live in action. It's really frustrating hearing your issues, and knowing there's a solution, but somehow now being able to really show it to you! Aargh!

11:20 am

Blogger victoire said...

:) and i know that i've said this before... i don't have 2007 and the monitors... well unless i buy my own, that will never happen.

it would actually be really helpful if you could show me "live in action", but perhaps at another blog meet (is there official jargon for it yet?)...

anyhoo, at least one of us is getting it done ;)

5:08 pm


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