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Saturday, November 04, 2006

i'm a little teapot!

wow, what a week... what a month... life just seems to be rushing by... toooo ffaaaassstttt!

it's my sister's wedding in 2 weeks. in actual fact, at this time in 2 weeks, it'll all be over! wow.

i'm still searching for a place to stay. it's been a very long and arduous journey to nowhere thus far. except that i have acquired a dislike for estate agents - most of them say they'll call you back, and don't. and i've only viewed one place thus far, out of all the phone calls i've made, all the time spent scouring newspapers... it's frustrating to say the least... i don't know whether i should carry on searching feverishly, or just let go, wait until the week (day?) before i need to move, and then stress it.

of course it's not all the agents' fault, i take some of the blame myself... i'm incredibly fussy about where i stay. yep. i'm only looking to rent in 2 suburbs. i have a fixed-ish budget (fixed-ish because it has been creeping higher and higher... heck, i don't need to eat!) i won't stay in a thatched complex (i don't need to pay more insurance, and they're depressing places, okay!)... i won't stay in a middle unit - it's ground floor with a garden or loft apartment, or i won't look at it. i don't know... i don't think it's unreasonable... home is where you go to unwind. home is where your heart is. home is you. and seeing as i'm going to be staying all by myself, well i'd better be comfortable with the four walls i'll be staring at! (my sister and i split up the stuff we bought together last night. the tv's her fiance's, so i get to listen to music on my super duper home entertainment system... whilst staring at the walls!) all in all though, i'm excited to be going out on my own. i can't wait!

on teapots... i got to take mine home from pottery this week! wow. wow. wow. it's stunning. i can't believe i made it. it came out so well. i am really proud. the guys at the office have finally let up asking me about "the teapot" as well... since i told them i was making it not one wednesday / thursday has gone by without a discussion of "the teapot". i actually had to take it to work to show them, or they would not have been appeased. it was rather sweet though - when i got in to work that day, i found a piece of paper printed "happy birthday teapot" with a whole bunch of pictures of teapots... heh heh...

oh, and to inflate my ego even more, apparently my pottery teacher's 9 year old son warned his mom, "careful mom, she's going to overtake you!" I doubt that'll happen... but it's nice to know that one is actually half decent at a hobby!


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