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Thursday, August 31, 2006

make my blog day...

so silentcoder wrote an enticing review on victoire...
Quite possibly the most lamented thing about the I.T. Industry is the lack of women in the field – but I think this is less of a problem in South Africa than elsewhere, we have some amazingly clever ladies in the field. Victoire being a case in point, writing cleverly about technology and the news stories that catches her eye. It's by far the most technical on the list – but well worth it even if you aren't a geek.
i think that's pretty sweet coming from a geek ;) and hooray for women in i.t. in sa! if my blog adds to some awareness about our presence in the market then bonus! although i don't know where aj gets the whole technical thing from. probably the most technical post is the one about tectonic, and most of that was written by the tectonic guys... or maybe i'm in denial... :D

and with that i bring you some stats on blog day from technorati, considering one is asked to use a "BlogDay2006" technorati tag when blogging your blog day post.

  • i retrieved 374 websites (with "any authority")
  • 66 of these were english sites
Posts that contain BlogDay2006 per day for the last 30 days.
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Anonymous Michael Wagner said...

For five years I worked with a team of 40 programmers. Three of them were women and they are exceptional as code writers.

I remember one making a male "IT pro" at Fortune 500 company nearly cry when she took him deeper into relational database design then he thought possible.

I was the token "humanities guy" at the firm - not a geek, just a history nerd.

But it was a wonderful experience getting to work with the IT peeps.

Good post; thanks for enlarging the conversation.

4:41 am


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