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Monday, October 16, 2006

chilibean planted in the sa blog scene!

hooray for chilibean, it is featured on the south african blog directory as blog of the week! michael wrote:

Welcome back to Victoire and a new welcome to Paul -– the two contributors behind this blog. They describe themselves as: "“We are new media evangelists. We will tell you about all the tools you can use to communicate better with your clients and the people you work with. We use many of those tools ourselves and we're passionate about them. Let us share our passion with you."

chilibean is an awesome tool and should be mandatory for any business person, blogger and people who communicate with other people. OK, so basically everyone should read chilibean! Personally I thought their best post to date was the one about my blog! Other posts I also really enjoyed were Calling cards reinvented, Making sense of it all, Overzealous censorship and It'’s a Google Life: Part 1 and Part 2. Like I said, this blog should be mandatory reading.
indeed! this is exactly what we have envisaged for chilibean... a new media tool for the masses! :) as paul says, we welcome comments and suggestions from you, our readers on anything new media.

on a personal note, i have definately found my involvement in chilibean very exciting, and can't wait 'til i have more time to dedicate to it. my mind boggles at the prospects. :) happy chilibean reading!


Anonymous Paul said...

I agree with Victoire. Being involved in chilibean is very exciting. It is one of the most exciting blogs in the South African blogosphere. And yes, I am biased ... very biased! ;-)

10:28 pm


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