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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

those were the days...

it has finally come and gone... that dreaded event i had magnified beyond the worst scenario possible... my 10 year high school reunion! and guess what. it wasn't so bad. it was actually really enjoyable - in a reunion kind of way.

of course the first question on my mind was... what do i wear?! i only really decided on that on the day... when it was too late to make a dash to the shops to find a new outfit that would perfectly convey the "new me" to around 92 pairs of prying eyes, and who knows how many more when the dvd and photos emerge!

many other questions followed, including what have i done in the past 10 years? - a question answered only by a rather thorough racking of my brain as to what i had achieved. 10 years is a long time. considering that i had no clue about life or what i was going to do with it when i left school all those years ago, i would say i haven't done too badly for myself... - and on the questions went...

right up to when i arrived in the main foyer and was faced with new old faces and... more questions! how are you?! what have you been doing? what do you do? ARE YOU MARRIED? - which i found rather amusing considering that less than 10% of the "girls" there were actually wedded!

i guess the whole reunion was overwhelmingly surreal. girls one almost remembers transformed into stunning women, some of them unrecognisably so. it was wonderful to see the transformation, to see the characters formed in their own unique way, difficult to relate to people one hardly has anything in common with anymore - and yet finding so many mutual elements, delicate misty nostalgia, experiences-incidents-memories softened by time... life written on each one's face.

all in all delightful.


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