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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

c'est la vie

i can't believe how hectically busy i've been since... when last did i post?

things suddenly picked up at work with me heading the roll-out / change management team for a while, and are just getting more and more stressful. so much to do, not enough time to gather oneself and just do it. i should be presenting (not only organising) demo's and training on the project soon too... it's exciting times for me, if things don't change (negatively)[1] too much. but honestly, i am thrilled to be busy, running around, doing things, speaking to users... it's so welcome after all that time i spent bored with repetitive work.

what else? i've been looking around for a place to stay, occupancy from 1 december... i've worked at 2 camps, which have been awesome and very rewarding, but very tiring too. i'm still enjoying pottery, although i'm not too sure what my next project should be... creativity and stress do not walk hand in hand. and i need to get organised for my lil sister's wedding in a month & a half! i still don't have a bridesmaid's outfit & have to arrange all the kitchen tea, hens party stuff now too. fun! oh yes! i have my 10 year high school reunion this coming weekend! should be interesting...

that's my life... ;)

[1] i have come to realise that there exists both positive and negative change. positive change (to me) is managed change, it's exciting, and well... it brings about positive things. i love positive change. negative change is disruptive, causes headaches and an enormous amount of stress, and is basically identified by the negative effects it's the cause of. i have been dealing with negative change for the past 2 years, if not more, and it's been trying to mess me around lately. not cool.


Anonymous Paul said...

I am beginning to think negative change can be more effective than positive change. Sometimes what is needed is chaos to allow new thought-forms to be born without the structure of managed, positive change.

But that is just me ... at the moment.

6:35 pm

Blogger victoire said...

i don't know about that paul... i actually find that in negative change i'm so busy trying to keep on top of the water, re-doing work because someone thinks that's what needs to be done or just plain trying to cope, that i don't have time or any creativity (due to the stress involved) to come up with new "thought-forms" on top of it all. i just find that sometimes management (and that's the people who are called managers) works in the opposite direction to what they say their goals and objectives are. perhaps by reading too much "dilbert" i have become part of his world... let me out!

9:09 am


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