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Friday, August 25, 2006

to flickr pro

or not to flickr pro... that is the question.

i was uploading new photos last night, when i suddenly noticed my photo sets disappearing to my dismay! one minute they're there, the next, they're gone... along with all the photos that were in the sets. naturally i suspected foul play, and that my photos had been deleted somehow. nope, apparently that's not the case at all. since i only have a free account, and i had reached the 200 photo mark, my older photos were hidden on purpose by flickr. unless you have a pro account you can only view 200 of your photos. so either you delete some photos or you upgrade to the pro account. i tested this theory by deleting some photos, and voila! one of my sets came back, along with 5 photos.

the pro account option works out to just under R200 per year, which is not bad i must admit... so now i ponder. i could use my vox account as a photo storage area, but i like flickr. i will probably upgrade to the pro account... what do you think?


Anonymous Paul said...

Hey V

I have the Pro account and it is definitely worth it. There are no limits on photosets and you can upload so much more in a month. The R200 or so that it costs is virtually nothing when spread over a year.

My suggestion? Go for it!

10:07 am

Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Hiya Victoire...

Roy Blumenthal, Coffee-Shop Schmuck here.

I would recommend the Pro option. The freedom to have many sets is really awesome.

But beware if it's not photos you intend warehousing on Flickr.

I use my Flickr account for my artworks. And it turns out that Flickr is silently marking artists as 'NIPSA', meaning, 'Not in Public Areas'.

Which means you can't do a search for me and actually FIND my gallery! You have to have my URL to start with. Or you have to chance upon one of my pics in one of the groups I belong to.

I've actually started a feeble protest against Flickr to try and get them to relax this. I've blogged my correspondence with them, and I've then added the story to DIGG.

I would reallllllly appreciate it if you could DIGG the story too. It's at DIGG.

Blue skies

PS: My Flickr gallery is at Roy's Flickr Gallery.

6:15 pm

Blogger victoire said...

thanks paul & roy for your comments! i think i will go ahead and "just do it"! :) by the by, did you know that zooomr is offering free pro accounts to bloggers?

interesting proposition...

9:49 am


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