parlez vous victoire?

Monday, August 28, 2006


i'm "blogger of the week" on the south african blog directory! *beam*

i've already started drafting my acceptance speach... "thank you for bestowing this honour upon me, i'd like to thank my inspiring... blah blah... and lastly... blah blah... just one more person i'd like to thank..." i can hear the applause now... :D

anyhoo... michael certainly did a good job of sifting through my entries and coming up with all the juicy bits i had almost forgotten about... i mean kamakis! and who remembers the totally outrageous googlism?

what he forgets to mention is that i am the "feeling lucky" link on google for the all south african super star news reader, our very own riaan cruywagen... i will have to get riaan to do a special appearance on my acceptance night, endorsing my blog of course! :)

correction... i WAS the "feeling luck" link for riaan cruywagen, but i've been replaced by wikipedia... which only makes sense. i am, however, still on the top of the google search, right after wikipedia. thankfully i got that screen capture of when my blog made history...

:) thanks michael for a sterling job, and a brilliant idea!


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