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Monday, August 28, 2006

do it like a pro

so i did it... converted to a pro account on flickr... even though i know that there's a free pro account for me to be had over at zooomr... what actually put me off zooomr was the amount of time one waits for the site to load, or for a photo to load, it's ridiculous. also all my photos are already on flickr, and believe me i can like to be lazy! :)

for anyone questioning the need, i'll try to keep you up to date as to how much i'm enjoying the account... so far i have been really impressed by how fast i was converted into pro! like, whoosh, and you're a pro user! i've only created 3 sets, but i found that on the free option i was mentally limited to 2... i felt that i had to keep that last set for something spectacular, which of course never really happened.

hmmm... how's that... being treated like a pro, and blog of the week all in one day... ;)


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