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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

bloggers of sa unite!

i've been mulling over the idea of getting a blogroll of south african blogs together for quite a while now, simply because i have met or know quite a few sa bloggers in real life [1]. it would be interesting to see what sa is doing in terms of blogging...

*drum roll*

... and now you can!

thanks to paul off chilibean, i found out about the south african blog directory, run by michael, and i've already signed up! pretty funky... so if you're a south african blogger, get your blog up there! basically how it works is that michael keeps a listing or blogroll of south african blogs, and then assigns a "blog of the week" every week, based on his opinion of the best blog for that week. this has lots of potential for growth, such as having bloggers vote on their favourites, etc. as well as the obvious bonus of linking sa bloggers.

soon pinky... soon we will take over the world! ;)

on another note, the chilibean article also refers to sa blog top sites. no i'm not putting a link to them. not until they fix up their site! i registered, had a problem with the file size of the banner, and next minute it was telling me that the username had already been used. now when i log in and try to add my site, which was not added in the end, i am just repeatedly told to log in because the session has expired. poo3y to that! how can you host such a prominent site and not have the proper working technology in place?

[1] here is the list of bloggers, in case you're interested (perhaps i'll fill you in on how i know them at a later date, or i'll just leave you to figure it out yourselves... :) ):

martin @ d2
paul @ the gecko media network
axkd @ axkd writes (and wrongs - but don't we all)
daan @ doi
adi @ stfi
ashley @ ashley
brandon @
herman @ sizeight
jen @ the life and times of jen smit

hmmm... have i forgotten anyone? it's late and i should be heading home...


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