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Thursday, August 10, 2006

life, love, and everyday adventures

wazzup friends and friendly blog readers! considering that this blog's main aim is to keep my buddies across the world, country, region, city, and hallway informed about what i'm up to, there has been very little personal posting going on here. hopefully this post will change that a little...

well now. where to start...

i'm enjoying a very chilled and much needed break from routine... all because of the women's day public holiday yesterday. when i finally realised on monday that the holiday was on a wednesday, i thought it a perfect opportunity to take 2 days off work and enjoy an extended weekend. so far it's been great... and now i have some time to blog too! hoorah for mid-week public holidays!

i'm a regular at the botshabelo babies' home now, over the past 3 or 4 months visiting once a week for 2 to 3 hours to play with the little ones, and lately helping to feed the very little babies too. they are such sweet little souls who just crave love and attention. it's incredible to watch them growing up right in front of my eyes. some of those that were babies when i first visited are proper little people now, and most of the babies are starting to walk! it's just awesome to see. it certainly isn't easy being a parent, what a huge responsibility! they have taught me so much including patience, compassion, and the ability to just plain love without asking questions or judging on whether they 'deserve' it - some of the naughtiest need the most love. not only that but i've learnt so much about myself! one of the little girls was adopted earlier this year by a dutch couple, which is so encouraging i really hope that all of them will go on to loving homes sometime.

i started going to a new church at the end of march, and am enjoying getting involved with helping out wherever i can. i go to the "youth club" on fridays, and before you say it, nope i'm not too old... the cut off age is 30! it's great getting to know others, around about my age, with the same kind of frame of mind as myself.

i haven't been cycling much due to various factors such as "not enough time" or "can't i just sleep in once in a while?" :) i do miss it though, a lot. i'm hoping to start cyling with some people at my church on saturday mornings, it should get me fit again and give me an opportunity to get to know them better.

pottery is going well... i'm almost done with my ice cream bowls, although i managed to break another one just as i'd completed glazing it! argh! i'll have to re-glaze it and hope that it'll stick together in the firing process. i can't wait to just be finished with those bowls. my next project is slab work, and i've decided to make a teapot. if all goes well i'll make an entire tea set. of course maths has stuck its head out, with me having to work out angles and proportions to make the templates for the slab teapot pieces. i never really believed my maths teacher when she went off about maths being an integral part of everyday life...

i have decided to attend my high school reunion. i even helped out with setting up a mailing list using google groups, and a blog using the opera community blog portal... which i am mildly impressed with. i would've preferred using blogger, or something similar... but couldn't find anything free that allowed for multiple authors. so far there are no posts on the blog, other than the one that i made as an introductory welcome. i'm not sure whether this is because no one else is able to post, or whether they don't know how, or whether they don't want to. but oh well. the reunion mailing list has me thinking about whether mailing lists work if they don't have a very direct theme... so far only reunion type stuff has been discussed. i don't know what other topics to engage in.

i had a bit of a scare with an absyss in my jaw a while ago... believe it or not this is not new to me, i have had numerous dental problems over the years. a re-do of a root canal on a tooth that had already been crowned seemed to sort it out. there were threats of me having to undergo the trauma of another apisectomy, right as i had finished the official healing period (5 mths) on the one i had earlier this year. i am so glad to have avoided this. the last one was bad enough. the good news is that dr stoney has started preparation for the crowns i have been waiting for, and i already have the temporary ones in place! woo-hoo! i was really getting very self conscious about my teeth. now i can smile as much as i want again! ;) i should have the final crowns in place well in advance of my little sister's wedding.

yes, that's right, my sis is getting married! coincidentally today happens to be p & b's 2 year anniversary (happy anniversary you two, love you lots!). they're getting married in november. i am responsible for organising the hen party and i have no idea about what to do! anyone have any suggestions on something fun (and clean) for a few girls to do? some of the ideas i have are to spend a day/night at a spa getting pampered, getting a limo to drive us about the town to a concert or a play or a restaurant, or something and then have a slumber party at a really nice hotel. something out of the ordinary, not exhorbitantly expensive, and fun. hmmm...

i was planning on doing a whole cook-up tonight with roast chicken, homemade bread an all, but considering p & b are going out for dinner to celebrate it'll have to wait for saturday lunch... i wonder what i'll make for dinner for one... speaking of which, i'll be moving out by myself at the end of the year, which i'm rather looking forward to... i'll be moving my piano in with me and it also means that i'll have an excuse to get a pet. heh heh... single twenty something, plays piano, has cat... gotta love it ;)


Anonymous martin said...

Sheesh, now we're just about up to speed with everything :-)

On the hen party, whatever happened to the traditional fireman/stripper gig? I tell you, women these days!

1:45 pm


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