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Monday, August 21, 2006

more google to oogle over

i've heard rumours of google buying, but until now it seems everything's been business as usual... until the other day, when i saw a little orange square inviting me to convert my blog to the new blogger beta... it is really i tempting i tell you, especially for a google addict as myself... however being the cautious gal i am, and being warned that one cannot "undo" the transformation from blogger pumpkin to google princess, i continued reading, having cunningly distracted my mouse from the glowing "continue" button.

first the good news... there are lots of funky new features like:

  • New ways to customize your template (Drag and drop page elements and easily change your template's font and color scheme)
  • Private blogs (Create a blog visible to just your friends and family, not the whole world)
  • Labels (Give your posts a category label so that you and your readers can easily sort by topic)

now the bad... my there are a lot of known issues for blogger beta! this one in particular annoys me enough (and is sufficiently vague) for me not to convert - "here's what's missing: -Edit HTML mode for Layouts". I need to edit my html. that's where all my template functionality hides. imagine if i converted and suddenly half my functionality couldn't be implemented! imagine my fury! (or rather not... i'm told it's rather frightening)

so i will wait. with baited breath. for the google blogger extrodinaire version to whisk me away to my blogging delight.


Anonymous Martin said...

Um, Google did buy Blogger, in 2002 actually... :-)


8:41 am

Blogger victoire said...

ha ha! i knew i was going to get into hot water for not doing proper research on that google/blogger buy. anyways i meant "rumour" very loosely. as in it's a rumour to me until i am lead to believe otherwise. so now i know that it's fact :D

thanks martin!

9:28 am

Anonymous Paul said...

Yeah, I was going to mention that! ;-)

4:10 pm


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