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Friday, May 11, 2007

my top 5 (simple) things to do...

now that winter is here...

whilst most people's top 5 list would include such things as romantically sipping glasses of red wine in front of a fireplace, or escaping to the maldives for lingering summer days, for me it's all about the simple pleasures of life...

  1. wake up early

    go to work early – i enjoy the crispness of the air as i step out of my front door, the darkness of the early morning hours enveloping me, and the golden hues of the sunrise touching the skies as i drive to work. there is method in my madness too – not only does the sun rise later in winter making a 6am front door exit feel like you’re actually doing it at 4am, but the winter air is far warmer before sunrise than after! oh and traffic rocks early on a winter morning!

  2. make porridge

    winter is the time to stock up on morning warmers – comfort food rules in winter, and porridge is underrated in this category. i tend to make my favourite porridge in the microwave at work because i leave home early, but the best sight (and smell) is a pot full of warm goodness gently bubbling on the stove. in case you were wondering my fav’s are tastee wheat and maltabella, yum.

  3. go for a walk

    work up some heavy breathing, heat, and an appetite to boot! – there is nothing like the fresh feeling of a winter’s breeze on my face, gently tugging on my hair, as I stroll down the open road. a walk gives me some time to reflect on the hectically rushed goings on of my life, and to appreciate the flora (& some fauna) of the neighbourhood. even better if taken off the beaten track in a nearby nature reserve or park.

  4. hot chocolate

    another winter warmer winner - i’m unable to drink more than one or two caffeinated drinks a day without bouncing off walls so i turn to hot chocolate for a little mid-day warmth. mmm… chocolaty goodness… to avoid the associated winter padding i tend to mix my cadbury’s hot choc with boiling water and a little milk for creaminess. for a very special treat try pure belgian chocolate ecstasy at your favourite chocolatier – mine is pretoria’s von hapsburg – for the capetonians out there, yes i would drive all of 40km (one way) for it!

  5. snuggle in

    comfy and cosy - i tend to get up early every morning, even on weekends (because i have to rather than want to), however winter affords the perfect excuse to snuggle deep into my duvet in the evenings! the perfect thing to do on a friday evening along with a good movie or book…

problogger has been running a "top 5" group writing competition this week - 5 days of top 5's - and although this is late for submission, which ended yesterday (or today - it's confusing), i thought it would still make a good meme! so i tag the following people to blog their top 5's:

  1. my number 1 - aquila
  2. the other chief chili - paul
  3. my first blogger buddy - martin
  4. the friendliest chic blogger i know - carly
  5. that guy who can like to dance at the next 27 dinner - groogle


Anonymous Aquila said...

and I thought I was the only one with the Maltabela fixation...

Hmm... Friday evenings with a good book or movie - maybe we can fix that...maybe go for a walk :)

3:52 pm

Anonymous AndreSC said...

and then there is good (read special) company, someone that every now and again somehow helps bring out the best of all these fine things...

8:28 pm

Blogger Rapid Roundup said...

I've always tend to lose control of any porridge I tried and make so the results tend to be disastrous. Tastee wheat ??? The only "tastee wheat" I know, is from the first Matrix film & I always though it was just another term meaning something similar to "tastes like chicken".

Not sure about the walking thing, but early morning rides are a great way to get the blood flowing and I can almost smell the crips morning air. I miss my bike :(

1:48 pm

Anonymous AndreSC said...

as I was saying...

11:27 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@aquila: :). funny enough i seem to have escaped the entire winter without a single bowl of maltabela! i could do with a good walk, it would seem that i ate everything else in sight this winter :(

@andresc: too true :) nothing beats doing your favourite things with your favourite person!

@rapid roundup: tastee wheat has been around since before i was a young'un. i practically grew up on the stuff!

@andresc: touché

7:05 pm


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