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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

howzit cape town!

bru, i'm going to like chill with the dassies on the mountain...

yes cape town, get ready - this jo'burg girl is going to enjoy being a tourist in the legislative capital of south africa for 6 days! woo-hoo!

it all started when chilibean (i.e. paul and i) decided to do the 27 dinner in slaapstad after a hugely successful first jozi dinner. then the arrangements started, with some messing around from a friend of a friend of a... who would be able to organise super cheap flights (which didn't happen and resulted in much more expensive flight prices)... eventually we booked tickets, accommodation, and car hire. except that paul & gina could no longer make it and i had managed to convince aquila to join me (by twisting his rubber arm - muhahaha!)instead. i should also mention that he was a complete honey and did all the bookings too!

mmm. so i finally woke up on monday and realised that we are departing on thursday (before the sparrow's first farturas - friendly reminder: lusito land 2007 is closing this week), and i haven't even thought about what i am going to wear and pack! this of course leads to ponderings on what the weather will be like... considering my tendency towards (always) being prepared and limitations on travel bag weight this is a (very large) concern. seems we chose the 6 days of the month with all the rain. seriously.

weather underground:

sa weather bureau:

Forecast: Thursday, 26 April 2007

Min: 15°C Max: 17°C Weather: Widespread rain, thunder later (100%) Wind: strong westerly

Forecast: Friday, 27 April 2007

Min: 11°C Max: 14°C Weather: Showers abating by evening (80%) Wind: fresh south-westerly

Forecast: Saturday, 28 April 2007

Min: 12°C Max: 17°C Weather: Showers morning and evening (60%) Wind: strong north-westerly

Forecast: Sunday, 29 April 2007

Min: 9°C Max: 18°C Weather: Cloudy, morning and evening rain (30%) Wind: fresh westerly

Forecast: Monday, 30 April 2007

Min: 13°C Max: 22°C Weather: Cloudy periods Wind: fresh westerly

anyone with a good view of the mountain want to give me the capey's weather report? (the last time i was in cape town the locals maintained that they could tell the weather by looking at the cloud formations around the mountain top...)

weather aside though, i can't wait for a proper holiday! i'm not even taking my laptop with, which does make me nervous, yes. i'm also looking forward to seeing my first blogger buddy martin again - it's been a year and a half since we last saw each other! also meeting up with some more recently aquainted buddies as well as the plethora of bloggers i'll meet for the first time on friday. and then hopefully seeing my varsity buddy francois and his lovely fiance monika in stellenbosch too!

did i say i was going to get some rest?!



did you know? "the media" is well represented in cape town (via wikipedia)

Communications and media

Several newspapers, magazines and printing facilities have their offices in the city. Independent News and Media publishes the major English language papers in the city, the Cape Argus and the Cape Times. Naspers, the largest media conglomerate in South Africa, publishes Die Burger, the major Afrikaans language paper.[28]

Cape Town has many local community newspapers. Some of the largest community newspapers in English are the Athlone News from Athlone, the Atlantic Sun, the Constantiaberg Bulletin from Constantiaberg, the City Vision from Bellville, the False Bay Echo from False Bay, the Helderberg Sun from Helderberg, the Plainsman from Michells Plain, the Sentinel News from Hout Bay, the Southern Mail from the Southern Peninsula, the Southern Suburbs Tatler from the Southern Suburbs, Table Talk from Table View and Tygertalk from Tygervalley/Durbanville. Afrikaans language community newspapers include the Landbou-Burger and the Tygerburger. Vukani, based in the Cape Flats, is published in Xhosa.[29]

Cape Town is a centre for broadcast media and has several radio stations that only broadcast within the city. Good Hope FM (94-97 MHz FM) and KFM (94.5 MHz FM) mostly play pop music, while Fine Music Radio (101.3 FM) plays classical music and jazz. Heart FM (104.9 MHz FM),the former P4 Radio, plays Jazz and R&B. Bush Radio is a community radio station (89.5 MHz FM). The Voice of the Cape (95.8 MHz FM) and Cape Talk (567 kHz MW) are the major talk radio stations in the city.[30]

The SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) has a small presence in the city, with satellite studios located at Sea Point. has a greater presence, with a large complex located at Longkloof Studios in Gardens. M-Net is not well represented with infrastructure within the city. Numerous productions companies and thier support industries are located in the city, mostly supporting the production of overseas commercials, model shoots, TV-series and movies. The local media infrastructure remains primarily in Johannesburg.


Anonymous Aquila said...

sweet like a lemon?

Yay, only one more sleep.

11:49 am

Anonymous Martin said...

Sheesh, you really don't mess around with doing your research now, do you?!

Weather forecast from a CPT local: It might rain, but it might not.

How's that? :-)

12:28 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@aquila: who said anything about sleep? i'm going to be packing! :P

@martin: heh heh heh... i like to be prepared...

lol! thanks for the accurate weather report! :) at least you won't have anyone throwing macdonalds at you :P (ever see "the weather man"? - a truly forgettable movie... nic cage got to have people throwing food at him because he was the weather man)

1:26 pm

Blogger Rapid Roundup said...

That was quite a weather report ... anyways! ENJOY (though I have no doubt you will)!

5:06 pm

Anonymous Dave said...

YAY! Was super-cool to chat again at the 27dinner! Hope you and Aquila had the most awesome holiday:-D !!

7:21 pm

Anonymous Sarah said...

Hey Victoire! Sad I missed out on seeing you at the dinner and having a catch up girl-style, but looking forward to hopefully meeting up in the next few weeks..Hope you enjoyed the Mother City!

4:16 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@rapid roundup: :) thank you, i had a blast! (cold wind incl.)

@dave: it was awesome seeing you again dave! :) really rad mc-ing there... we had a great time - a proper holiday with touristy outtings to the aquarium and seal island, etc. :)

4:22 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@sarah: hey there sarah! we passed the cheese festival twice on our holiday! :) heh heh... hope you had a blast - looking forward to seeing you soon!

4:23 pm

Blogger Shaheen said...

Surprised you didn't mention the Daily Voice. Okay, I'll be the first to admit that it's a rag, but it's a very successful rag. My mate's the features editor and is extremely proud of it. It's the biggest selling newspaper in CT. Which doesn't really say good things about CT but hey, it's worth a mention...

3:21 pm

Blogger victoire said...

@shaheen: thanks for adding it... :) as mentioned, i got the article from wikipedia, so you should go add the daily voice there too.

8:37 pm


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