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Monday, April 02, 2007

oppikoppi: ticket to cuervo cocktails

it's oppikoppi time again, and although i haven't ever been able to get around to the april event myself, it wouldn't stop me from sipping on a good cocktail or two inspired by their competition...

Hey, we’ve got a ticket to give away! Whoohoo! Yes, YOU, you lucky bugger, can win one single ticket to OppiKoppi’s More than Somewhat Easter Festival. And it’s easier than ordering a Cuervo at the bar (which is in fact one of the easiest things to do, just ask for it by name.) So, just click on the comments link under this post, then we want you to give us some recipes for the Cuervo Cocktail that you would like to drink at the bigger-than-dear-life-itself More than Somewhat festival. We’ll choose the best recipe and the winning cocktail creator will get a ticket at the gate.

Click Here for more info on the Easter Festival
must say that the design work for the concert looks rather dark and brooding, not really my bag baby... but hey, maybe it's yours!

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