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Saturday, February 24, 2007

the triangle below canal street...

more commonly known as TriBeCa, is one of my favourite old haunts in ol' "snor city" (as pretoria is loving known by many a south african).

last night it was the scene of good food, great company, laughter, forgetting, and a chocolate cake or two... yes, my friend phil is visiting from germany and he surprised me with a phone call as i was leaving work! seeing as i missed any opportunity of meeting up with him, and of meeting his girl of 3 and a bit years, the last time he was in ptown, i jumped at his invitation of a drink. not only that though, i haven't been out in pta for ages. i miss the place. although it seriously lacks in quantity of quality eating establishments, there are some real gems. it also provided an opportunity to entice nico, who very kindly offered to ferry me around after that-event-we-shall-not-speak-of, with a taste of the capital from an insider's perspective.


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Anonymous Nico said...

And what a fine evening it was...

I'm definitely going back for the halmoui, mozarella and bacon pizza, not to mention the chocolate cakes.

Glad you enjoyed it, a bit of respite from the incident earlier in the day.

So when we doing this again?

11:41 am

Blogger victoire said...

lol... v's snor city tours will commence... when i have time again! *sigh* glad you had fun. :)

11:39 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Victoire, now I can finally see that blog of u'rs. BTW: That shooter called Chocolate Cake has been the hit: Every day during my visit to ZA I introduced new people to: Chocolate Cake. What a pity that the Germans don’t know ‘bout Frangelico

Many greets from Germany


5:16 pm

Blogger victoire said...

hey phil! :) great to see you on my blog! heh heh heh... those chocolate cakes are delicious, but potent. maybe they call frangelico something else in germany? tell them it's the almond liquer. :) it was great seeing you again in sa after only hearing the other avanti's talking about seeing you ;) have a good one!

9:55 am


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