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Friday, February 23, 2007

indescribable carnage

the unspeakable, the unthinkable, the inexpressible has happened...

my poor baby was mauled... by a truck... today. i am ok. my little clio is not. or at least she is just a little maimed. of course the truck got by virtually unscathed. guess it will teach the little podhopper for trying to clamber all over the truck.


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Blogger Paul said...

Oh jeez! This must have happened before we met up today. I am so sorry, I cringed (and I am sure my car cringed too) when I saw the photo. Hope you got the driver's details or at least the truck's license plate number? I know people who know people (one of them includes a lawyer).

10:17 pm

Anonymous johan swarts said...

seerkry is nooit lekker nie...

2:36 am

Blogger victoire said...

hey paul... it happened on my way back to work after we met up... gar! thanks for the offer, i got all the details of the guy, he was very sweet and kind... in actual fact he even reported the incident at the police station before i did! good thing we happened to go to the same station.

ah-nee-ah, dit was nie lekker nie. my arme ou karretjie...

9:07 am


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